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would you believe me if i said i've been trying to publish this post since last december? ya... things are going great over here! but in all seriousness, i think this may be one of my favorite posts i've ever done. these photos are so good you guys - SO GOOD! + these earrings are so good. everytime i wear them i get compliments. one lady even made me move my head back + forth so she could she them swing, ha! keep scrolling for the full DIY as well as a multitude of photos :) #oversharer

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DIRECTIONS for the earrings

  1. begin by 
  2. use the pliers to open a jump ring + thread the hole of the straight post onto the ring
  3. place the jump ring + post combo onto the earring hook
  4. place a little glue onto the end of the post + insert into the center of your pom-pom. 
  5. let dry + look fly!!

SUPPLIES for the earrings

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • pom-pom maker [optional]
  • hot/super glue
  • earring hooks
  • jump rings
  • long straight jewelry posts
  • jewelry pliers
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^^^^ the photos from december

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pom earrings model shots-186.jpg

^^^ look at those two --- babes, i tell ya, babes! 

^^^ it's always a party with my bestie! long-time readers might recognize lauren, my tried + true gal pal --- she started this blog with me + is still down to help out + model for my silly DIYs while she's in town. love you, friend!!

^^^ also, can we talk about this cute moped?! my dad found it on craigslist + we've fallen it love. especially him - it's like his baby! i literally think he loves it more than his children ;)

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i hope you liked this little DIY + are inspired to whip some up yo'self! these types of earrings can be sold for $200 + i think i made mine for about $4! they seriously look great with any outfit, + i truly get compliments on them all the time. also, if you made it this far, thanks! i know there were a lot of pictures, haha! anyway, happy pom-ing!

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post + diy by molly garvin

images by molly + claire garvin

modeling by molly garvin, claire garvin, lauren baukus


unless you've been living under a rock, you'd probably know that scarves are all the rage right now, + rightly so! it's one of the cutest trends to grace the fashion scene in the past year. i'd been collecting a bunch of these neckties from thrift + retail stores, + had an itch to make a video just for the sake of creating [a topic i want to talk about later #eyerollemoji], so after a bit of brainstorming, this little scarf styling guide was born! i hope it inspires you to style your own scarves in a new way or at least puts a smile on your face. :)

post + film by molly garvin

special thanks to sarah lehmann for her help during production!


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chicago clearly hasn't gotten the spring/summer memo yet, but it's coming --- i can feel it! slowly but surely i've been gathering clothing pieces that i know i'll be wearing for the majority of the warm season. high-quality but wallet-friendly clothing can be hard to find, but these pieces fit the bill [pun intended! ha!] perfectly, + i can't wait to wear them! 

this dress is high up on the list of favorites - i love the light + breezy fabric, + the pattern is the cutest! the detail at the bottom gets me every time! also, it closely resembles this dress that costs over $200 more than this purple one! score in both departments! 

tobi photos-74.jpg

this flowy eyelet crop top [that comes in three colors!] is also one of my faves. the open back + high neck are really classy, + you could totally dress this piece up or down. 

i'm also loving this high-neck, checked top + relaxed coral jumpsuit. do you have any favorite summer staples? while i'm patiently waiting for my thermometer to read higher than 55*, i'll be colecting even more cute summer pieces. happy shopping!

post by molly garvin

images by claire garvin