if you asked me to pick the best place in the world, i think it'd be my lake house. purchased by my grandparents, it' been the source of tons of summer weekends and memories. every memorial day, my whole family heads down to open it up for the summer, and this year was no different. it was definitely one of the best memorial days i've had in a while, and there's a little film and larger recap of the whole weekend coming soon!

we packed a little picnic on memorial day and headed out on the water. these stanley products were the perfect addition to our adventure! they were a huge hit with everyone.

festive straws, all the time. 

usually the water on memorial day is pretty chilly, but this year it felt amazing. it was pretty hot the entire weekend, so it was really refreshing.

all the stanley products held up so well under the sun, and our drinks (read: rootbeer and water - we were on a boat, people!) stayed super cold the whole time. they're the perfect gift for any dad this father's day, i know my dad will be enjoying his all year round! head to their site and take a look around! where would you use yours?


smoothie bowls are so illusive, you know? they're the thing you're always liking on instagram or pinning on pinterest, but you never actually end up making them. (or maybe that's just me. ha!) one recent afternoon, i felt the need to break this cycle that so many of us seem to fall into. i decided i would make a summer smoothie bowl, so i headed to the closest grocery store, picked out the freshest fruit, crushed up some ice, and got to blendin'.

INSTRUCTIONS for the bowl

  • wash and dry fruit
  • blend all ingredients together in blender
  • pour into bowl
  • if too thin, add more ice, a bannana, or granola
  • top with fresh fruit, nuts, granola, etc. 

INGREDIENTS for the bowl

  • handfull of blackberries
  • handfull of raspberries
  • handfull of blackberries
  • one strawberry
  • two-three kale leaves
  • about a half cup of granola (to thicken)
  • vanilla almond milk to taste
  • three ice cubes
smoothie bowl-28.jpg

illusive or not, smoothie bowls are definitely the best thing everrrrr. this smoothie was the perfect refreshing lunch for a summer weekend, and i can't wait to try out more combinations. what about you? have you ever made a smoothie bowl/acaí bowl, or do you just stick to double tapping them? i prefer to do both ;)