carmel might just be the cutest town i've ever stayed in. our hotel, the carmel inn + suites, was the nicest little place [it totally reminded me of the saguaro in palm springs!] we were originally supposed to stay longer, but cut the trip down to one day to have more time in LA --- i kinda regret doing that, just because i wish we had more time to explore this perfect little beach town. just another reason to go back, i guess. ;) [see part one of our spring break here!]

we spent a good amount of time at the pool + on the beach, because vacay. the decor around the pool was so cute + summery --- the perfect place to spend the day. 

right when we pulled up to the hotel, the smell of flowers was overwhelming! [in a good way!!] we had to take some photos by the blooms, they were so pretty! 

carmel 2017-18.jpg

i've gotten a lot of questions about by backpack on instagram --- it's from atlas supply co, a fabulous company that i'm creating something really fun for! stay tuned!

before dinner, we stopped at the beach to watch the sunset. after, we found a very, um, unique, ice cream place called revival. it was very california/vegan/health place, but it was actually very good! 

the next morning, we had breakfast + explored the coast a little more before packing up + heading on to san francisco. carmel, we will definetly be back! 

stay tuned for the third installment, if you will ;), of our spring break trip. you can watch + read the first part, los angeles + pasadena, here! have a great week friends!