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creativity, what a thing it is. who determines one’s creative abilities? do you believe that God instills a desire to create in one’s soul? do you believe that creativity is something that goes beyond ourselves?

i’ve always considered myself to be a creative person. i believe that my creativity has been around for a long time. i grew up playing school with my siblings, making up stories + names + activities for our “students”. my sister + i would ask our elementary school teachers for extra supplies + decorations to assist in transforming our small basement guest bedroom into the school classroom of our dreams. as we grew older, the schoolroom was transformed into a craft room + through those endeavors, my love for blogging was born. the first blog i ever encountered was a beautiful mess. after joining a waiting list for pinterest [remember when pinterest had an account sign-up waiting list?!], i was introduced to a world i never knew existed.

personally, i believe that everyone has the ability access creativity. creativity is defined as the use of imagination, specifically in relation to artistic work + when thinking about this space, it is my hope that i can use it not only to provide myself with a creative outlet, but to drive others forward in their pursuit of creativity as well. do you consider yourself a creative person? which methods do you use to exercise your creativity? who do you create for? i’m so interested in hearing other people’s perspectives. here’s to creativity, people! -m

words + images by molly garvin