guys! i wanted to pop in today + share one of my new favorite treats to snack on while i'm working! if you've been following T+T for a decent amount of time, then you'd know that i LOVE ice cream. it's a love so strong it requires bolding, italicizing, + capitalization to really portray it's depth. i was introduced to my/mo mochi ice cream a few weeks ago, + i have to say, it makes my workdays so much better! the tastiest premium ice cream in a sweet dough-y casing, it's the best little thing to look forward to!

have you guys ever tried mochi ice cream? my sister knew about this brand before i did, + loves it! my/mo has a tom of different flavors, but i'm partial to the ripe strawberry + sweet mango

guys, believe me when i say that if your workday is feeling a little boring, bring in some my/mo to liven it up. [par-TAYYYYYYY ;) ] but seriously, go out and try some now! click here to find the nearest retailer --- happy snacking!

post + images by molly garvin

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