if you've been reading the blog for sometime now, you know that i'm always down for a city adventure. last weekend, my cousin alicia was in town, so claire + i decided to head to one of our favorite spots, left coast food + juice, for a little friday night acai bowl fix. we got dressed up, plunged ourselves into the chicago traffic [#bullsgame], + enjoyed a night out. 

can we just talk about this gorgeous necklace for a sec!? it's the rahisi horn necklace from jimani collections, + i'm in looooove! jimani "exists to transform and expand access to economic opportunity for artisans in underserved communities worldwide" + i've loved getting to know their company! they work with some of the poorest women in the world who have experienced a reality that is unfathomable to most of the earth's population. through training programs, they offer work + schooling that educates them + makes beautiful pieces of jewelry in the process. "by building a bridge between consumers and artisans, we are able to promote equitable trade while alleviating widespread poverty". companies like this are seriously the best, especially when their products are as cute as these! 

left coast seriously has the yummiest food, + it's all vegan! we enjoyed our smoothies + grain bowls, chatted about a ton of stuff, + just hung out like girls do, ya know!?! ;) cheers to pretty necklaces + city adventures + yummy food + friends!