there's not much that can make you feel better after waking up at 3:30 am to catch a flight to nashville. luckily, breakfast + world-famous biscuits are a combo that does just the trick. i'd heard of the loveless cafe from social media, mainly, so when i found out that while visiting family in TN for a little christmas round two we were getting off the plane and going straight to loveless, i was pumped - and really hungry.

i may or may not have lost count of how many biscuits i ate during our meal ^^^

almost the entire extended family [about 16 people!] met us there - we ordered breakfast, family style, + kicked off the weekend with good food and good company. i'm always grateful to spending time with the nashville garvins, it's seriously heaven being together. how i managed to be born into the best family i'll never know!

after everyone had their sufficient fix of carbs, we headed home - full and content. if you ever find yourself in the outskirts of nashville and you're a little [or a lot] hungry, make a stop at loveless! the only thing you'll regret is that you didn't order more biscuits ;)