i LOVE coffee, almost as much as i love the city. after watching naomi's ice cream crawl in NYC, i was inspired to combine my two loves into one big fiasco! i present to you: THIS + THAT's chicago coffee crawl! 


COFFEE PRODUCT: overall pretty good. it's actually pretty bitter though. for those looking for a more mellow product, it may not be your fave, but for those who prefer strong cups, you'd love it!

INTERIOR: g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s-! i literally cannot provide enough words to display how much i am in love with the interior of heritage. i could live there and never get tired of it. ever. they also have a connected bicycle store with the most gorgeous bikes ever

PASTRIES: yummy! really good cookies, and although we didn't get to test out all of the treats, they looked delicious even from their case behind the counter. 

SERVICE: good! their very friendly, and super nice! if you go during the weekends though, they're crazy busy (because how could they not be! it's so popular!), and you might need to wait a little longer for your order.

Tom's roasting co.

COFFEE PRODUCT: overall, our favorite coffee. their lattes are really good; nice and smooth, less bitter than heritage.

INTERIOR: take the essence of the tom's shoe company and place it into a brick and mortar store. it's super african/missionary/rustic with lots of dark wood. they also sell their products, so it's nice to browse while you wait for your coffee!

PASTRIES: they also have a lot of nice pastries to choose from, including a few donuts. i only had a bite, but it tasted a little too cake-y to me. everyone else liked it though!

SERVICE: the girl who took our order and made our drinks was the only one working the counter. it was a slow time, and there were a couple other employees there, but she totally went above and (a little too much) beyond! we told her we were putting together a coffee crawl and she gave us a ton of great recommendations of coffee places to add to our list. we didn't have time to hit them all, but round two, they'll definitely be on there!

ipsento coffee 606

COFFEE PRODUCT: very good, like a mix of tom's and heritage. 

INTERIOR: the 606 location is actually only a few weeks old, so the interior is still a little bare, but the location... heart eyes! i'd never visited the 606 bike path, but it's crazy gorgeous with great views! there's more of it in the video!

PASTRIES: not too many options, but we got a few mini donuts that were really good!

SERVICE: nice and quick, the people were friendly and the service was equally as nice.

sweet mandy b's

COFFEE PRODUCT: it's classic coffee found in a pastry shop. they're not known for their coffee, or even as a coffee shop, but we had to make a little exception. 

INTERIOR: super cute! lots of pastels, and a great window display and section for seating!

PASTRIES: THE BEST EVER! i'm not exaggerating. i saved a cookie in the fridge and it's been in there for a week, and it's still as yummy (and soft!) as it was when i bought it!

SERVICE: very good! but they're almost always busy, so if you have a big order, you'll need a slight bit of patience. 

we had so much fun making this little film/guide, and i hope if you're ever in chicago, you hit up one of these spots! better yet, let's grab a cup together! i'll put it on the calendar. see you soon!

my dress: c/o camden + willow

film assistant: claire garvin