welcome, new friends! and hello old ones! i'm so happy you're here. my name is molly, and i'm the editor/founder of THIS + THAT. i started blogging in the fall of 2013, with my first blog, THE LOLLY PROJECT. i had some really great years with that blog, but decided i wanted something more. TLP was more of a "middle school" blog - you know, that phase where everything is awkward and you can't find your niche and you try to be exactly like other people? yea, i needed to graduate from junior high and move on. thus, THIS + THAT was born. (if you want to see some posts from TLP, just click the button in the sidebar to the left!! i've integrated all of my faves!) over time, THIS + THAT will become a collection of  projects, recipes, favorites, adventures, and more. i can't wait to begin this new journey, and i hope you'll come along with me.