some days just require brunch foods at unique hours. like 6:30 pm. but to be honest, brunch is okay with me at any hour of the day, any day of the week, especially when it's as good as fairground's. a few weekends ago, my cousin alicia was in town visiting, so we reserved a day to wander around museums + drink coffee + eat all the pastries. 


we ordered countless drinks + bites + while doing so, the staff was incredibly friendly + gracious, even with our three indecisive personalities - haha! they also didn't care that we snapped a million photos for about 10 minutes before trying our order :) i had been to fairgrounds before, with my friend sarah, + had to take claire + alicia here so they could try it for themselves. anyway, this was the time we had brunch for dinner + took a lot of photos. just thought i'd share. thanks ok bye!

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guuyyyyyyyys!! we did coffee, we did ice cream, + now... it's time for donuts!! my friends claire, sarah, + i ran all around chicago to find the best donuts + tell you all about them! [even if you didn't want to know - haha!] i hope you'll watch the video of our whole adventure! you can also find a written review below :) happy national donut day friends!


our first stop of the day was the doughnut vault! we made sure to go here first because once the donuts sell out, they're gone for the day! they have two locations, so that helps maximize your chances of getting donuts - we went to their franklin street one. it's a nice little walk in space with seating outside only, so in the wintertime things get a little challenging. the doughnut vault also switches up their donut flavors daily, + keeps you updated on twitter! the sales guys there was super nice + offered us extra donuts when we told him what we were up to for the day. overall, we rated the doughnut vault a solid 4/5!


our second stop was do-rite donuts. it was a little harder to find - we used apple maps for navigation + due to it being located in the heart of the city, siri had a little trouble getting us to the exact location with all the buildings blocking the signal. the parking situation is also a bit difficult, so be prepared to walk a block or two. as far as the donuts go, they were really great -- they have a lot of good gluten free options too! overall, we rated do-rite donuts a 3.5/5.

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the third place we tried was the dapper donut! they were previously called beavers donuts, + it still shows up that way on navigation. these donuts are mini + super good! i've had mini donuts before, but these guys were different! a little bit crunchy. there are a ton of different flavors to choose from, + you can either get 4, 6, or 12 mini donuts in a package. it's also inside a cute little french market that i've never seen before! the ordering process is a little difficult, but we all really liked the dapper donut. overall, we rated the dapper donut a 4/5.


for our fourth stop, we went to bombo bar -- you may have seen bombo mentioned in our chicago ice cream crawl! i have said it before + will say it again - bombo bar is definitely one of the most instagramable places in chicago! as for their donuts, they're more like decorated fried doughs, but worth it if you're looking for those like-worthy social media posts! overall, we rated bombo bar a 3/5.  

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Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.23.22 PM.png

our fifth + final stop was stan's donuts! i have always loved stan's, + i snag a donut from them almost every time i'm in the city. we went to their wicker park location, but they have a decent amount of other locations all around the city! one thing that really makes stan's stick out is the offering of [really good] gluten free + vegan donuts - they really accommodate for different dietary restrictions. they also sell bagels, coffee, tea, gelato milkshakes, + more. overall, we rated stan's donuts a 4.8/5. 


sidecar balboa_-13.jpg

donuts + beaches. maybe the most amazing way to spend a sunday. i used to resent them when i was younger, mainly because i was always told they were supposed to be a day of rest, but never were. i'd run from church, back home, to rehearsal, back home, + back to church again, fitting in homework where i could. but now that i'm older, they've become a day still filled with homework + studying, but also of fun adventures + friends. a few weekends ago, my friends + i heard that steffany gretzinger would be speaking at a church down in orange county, so we cleared our sunday + made a day out of it.

this is gonna be a photo overload, but there were just too many good photos [that came from three different cameras!] to narrow it down to just a few! after not adventuring off of campus is a while, we couldn't hold ourselves back from snapping the shutter :) 

sidecar balboa_-2.jpg
sidecar balboa_-3.jpg

after listening to one of the most amazing messages i've ever heard [steffany gretzinger is seriously amazing you guys], we headed on over to sidecar donuts. YOU GUYS - i'd heard of sidecar's famous donuts for a while, but was never able to make it down to try them out. thankfully i made it, because they were so good. 

sidecar balboa_-6.jpg
micky balboa-3.jpg
micky balboa-5.jpg
sidecar balboa_-12.jpg

after freaking out over sidecar's unbeatable donuts, we hopped back into the car + took a short drive down to balboa to walk around the beach + the streets. [+ of course take more photos]

micky balboa-6.jpg

see what i mean with all the cameras?!

sarah balboa-8.jpg
sidecar balboa_-24.jpg
sidecar balboa_-25.jpg

how are my friends such BABES - i seriously don't deserve them!

sidecar balboa_-31.jpg
sidecar balboa_-39.jpg
sarah balboa-23.jpg
sidecar balboa_-52.jpg

the sunsets have to be at the very top of my LA FAVES list -- at least the smog is good for something amirite?!

if you made it down here to the bottom - i love you + you're my new hero. give yourself a round of applause!! but see what i mean with the pictures though? soooo many, haha! but nevertheless i'm glad that i have them all to remember this adventure by. donut, beaches, + babe friends are a combination that can't be topped. happy tuesday!

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this christmas was a whirlwind. [isn't it always, though?] i got home to chicago on december 13th + as i'm typing this, i have been home for 17 days, but it seriously only feels like 4!! because of finals + the end of the semester i wasn't able to go shopping in california, so the first half of my break was spent at the mall + in my basement wrapping presents. but the REAL celebration got started on christmas eve eve with a chili party, candy cane tournament, + cookie decorating contest -- it's all in the film above + the photos below! [previous christmas celebrations --- garvin family christmas 2016 / christmas eve 2016 / cookie party 2015 / garvin family christmas 2015 part one + twochristmas carols 2014 / cookie party 2014

christmas 2017-5.jpg
christmas 2017-22.jpg

^^ the game is simple. everyone gets a candy cane. about 20 go in the middle. the competitor takes the straight end of their candy cane + places it in their mouth. 45 seconds go on the clock. the competitor uses the curved end of the candy cane to pick up as many other candy canes as they can -- it's actually so fun! i currently share the record for first place of 8 candy canes. [sadly i lost the tie-breaker round, but it's fine i'm fine it's fine.]

christmas 2017-28.jpg

above are the cookie decorating finalists. we've got a santa, a marshmallow christmas tree, + A MANGER SCENE!! that's the birth of jesus christ people. a true masterpiece.

christmas 2017-25.jpg

christmas morning

we arose with such a clatter at the crack of dawn, 9 am. the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, the tree was filled with presents, santa set everything up perfectly. 

christmas 2017-31.jpg
christmas 2017-33.jpg

^^ that's a belle heart-eye emoji lip smacker + i love it, because apparently i'm seven years old. 

christmas 2017-35.jpg
christmas 2017-37.jpg

my sister hyped up my present  a lot before the big day, + i can surely say that it lived up! if anyone wants to have an early 2000's disney channel movie marathon -- LET'S GOOOOO! come on over :)

christmas 2017-40.jpg

we ended the day surrounded with family, delicious food, + more presents. christmas 2017, you were a good one! although we all came down with the flu a few days later, it was still good! 

stay tuned for my 2017 recap film, favorite blogpost roundup, + my goals + resolutions for 2018!



guys!! hi!! it's been a while since i've shared an adventure, or have even taken my camera out with me! my friends + i [yes mom, i have friends] have decided to make it a tradition to explore a new brunch spot every sunday after church. i had heard about wåhfles through the grapevine in early september, + knew i needed to try it at least once! luckily, my friends share my same love for squared breakfast foods, so we made the plans + headed over once last sunday's service was over. from first menu glance, we knew it would be a good meal. any place that offers to top breakfast with ice cream is my kind of place. 


we ordered, we ate, we talked  [read: complained about all the work we had to complete before the week started again], + just enjoyed the comfort of our new found tradition. i'm making it a point to be more intentional with bringing my camera along with me, even if it's just out to lunch. also, random side note: the blog's FOURTH BIRTHDAY is coming up + i've been reminiscing hard. scrolling through old posts, watching old videos, + more. four years. FOUR. so crazy. here's to four more blog years + more sunday brunch adventures + waffles with ice cream on top. have a good day friends! 

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