happy winter! we've made it through the thick of it [but how can i complain -- it's california :)] but somehow 60 degrees now seems freezing to me [who have i become!?]. although the temperatures lower + the rain seems almost endless, winter is actually one of my favorite seasons in los angeles. it's finally cool enough to wear sweaters, hats, + boots without regretting your choices by noon, you get asked "HOT or iced" when you order coffee, + you can be outdoors without feeling like you're melting. the only thing that gets me about winter in california is what it does to my skin! not only does the air have less moisture making my skin dry, winter brings about the most stressful time in school - two factors that can wreak havoc on my face. luckily, two unlikely ingredients are a win over this winter problem!

when i heard about Bioré's new line of Blue Agave + Baking Soda line, i was intrigued! not only had i never heard of blue agave before, but the fact that they had a whipped mask got me super excited! i love a good facemask, + this one has menthol* for an intense, tingly clean! applying it to a wet face + leaving it on for 3-5 minutes makes it the easiest addition to your morning routine + it's sure to become an everyday favorite. the facewash is incredible too! especally for those with combination skin [i'm raising my hand too!], it's got the same great ingredients that deep clean pores, leave a tingly, fresh feeling, soothe, + repair all at the same time! dirt + oil are lifted away in less than five minutes! goodbye winter skin blues, hello blue agave!

p.s. — these products are available at walmart, target, + amazon!

*Please note: Not for sensitive skin consumers or those with sensitives to menthol as it may cause short term flushing of the skin.*

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omg it’s november! HAPPY FREAKIN’ HOLIDAYS, PEOPLE! although the crazy days still seem slightly off in the distance, it’s definitely time to start thinking about sending out holiday cards. if you’re anything like me, somehow it becomes december 15th + christmas is ten days away + you haven’t even thought about taking a christmas card photo yet. this year, i’m vowing to get an early jump on things — i just recently discovered basic invite + i can already tell it’s gonna be a game changer :)

i’ve always been a fan of writing letters + sending cards, + the holiday season gives me the perfect excuse. when i was younger, i was always the one in charge of gathering up the family, directing the holiday photos, putting the card together, + using my mom’s credit card to order them ;) this year, my roommates + i are planning on ordering a few cards to send out, + basic invite’s selections are almost too good to choose from! they’ve got foil, they’ve got practically unlimited colors, they’ve got over 500 different designs, + that’s just for their unique christmas cards alone!


are you thinking of sending out a holiday card this year? i always love getting them in the mail; we used to display them all over the house as a kid — it was always a big deal hanging the first one, haha! thankfully, we’re getting the jump early! head to basic invite’s site + start browsing their holiday photo cards 2018! i seriously cannot get over how cute their designs are. picking just one this year is going to be a biiiiig challenge. ALSO, they are offering 30% off their holiday styles — use the code “HOLI30” at checkout + slay the holiday card game. cheers to november + the most wonderful time of the year!


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it's that time of year again! when all the bloggers share with your their favorites from this year's nordstrom anniversary sale -- i promised myself i'd never conform to the basic blogger standards, but this year, the sale has got some awesome picks. + apparently raybans are on sale for the first time in the history of the anniversary sale? those are gonna be hard to resist! madewell also has some gorgeous staple pieces on sale, including my most coveted-over button fly jeans! scroll below, shop your heart out, or don't! regardless, i hope you're having a good saturday! basic blogger out!!



some days just require brunch foods at unique hours. like 6:30 pm. but to be honest, brunch is okay with me at any hour of the day, any day of the week, especially when it's as good as fairground's. a few weekends ago, my cousin alicia was in town visiting, so we reserved a day to wander around museums + drink coffee + eat all the pastries. 


we ordered countless drinks + bites + while doing so, the staff was incredibly friendly + gracious, even with our three indecisive personalities - haha! they also didn't care that we snapped a million photos for about 10 minutes before trying our order :) i had been to fairgrounds before, with my friend sarah, + had to take claire + alicia here so they could try it for themselves. anyway, this was the time we had brunch for dinner + took a lot of photos. just thought i'd share. thanks ok bye!

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